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Entrepreneur in the area of proptech and angel investor in the areas of edtech and social networks, graduated from the Founder Institute in 2018. Professional experience with large Brazilian companies in utilities, retail, transport infrastructure, Oil and Gas Services and Real Estate. He led and participated in 3 IPOs and structured investor relations departments. Extensive experience in fundraising with commercial and development banks, and active relationship with the most important investment banks, asset management and wealth management funds.

Arnaldo Faissol Mendes
Arnaldo Faissol Mendes

Managing Partner & COO

Experienced specialist with a proven track record of working in government administration. Skilled in Business Planning, Analytical Skills, Government, Innovation, Industry 4.0 and International Relations. Strong professional in social and community services. Venture capitalist, investment banker with experience in selecting startups to invest.

Rafael Moreira

CEO Bertha Capital

Member of the various Boards of Directors with proven experience of working in the venture capital and private equity industry. Skilled in venture capital, pre-sales and startup development. Strong business development professional with a Business School focusing on Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneurship Studies by Stanford GSB.

Gustavo Souza

Founder at Bertha Capital

BA in Business from FGV/RJ, Master in Neuroscience at PUC/RS, founded three companies in the Management Consulting, HR and Private Equity segments. He acted as Strategic Advisor on investees of one of the first VC funds in Brazil, ArpexCapital; he is currently co-founder of 2Find, Managing Director of Aceleradora Inovahub, and a specialist in Management, Innovation, Investments and Technology.

Ravi Gama

Bertha Capital

Entrepreneur in the technology market and creator of companies, products and solutions. With his experience in the corporate and startup world, he is able to align the expectations of large companies with innovative technologies. His experience in commodities, financial markets, digital consulting and sales, allows him to have a unique view of the needs of large companies and the market, and how they can be solved with technology. He founded more than 5 startups, some of them successfully, launched comScore in Brazil to its industry leadership, participated in the start of STONECO (NASDAQ: STNE) at Arpex Capital, and saw the digital marketing and technology market born in Brazil on Biz Dev of the Predicta.

André Freitas

Bertha Capital

Graduated in Economics, she had an executive career at Banco Cidade and Bradesco, where she was responsible for the administrative and financial functions of the manager.

Laura Motta

Bertha Capital

Student of Production Engineering at PUC/MG, he worked in a Junior Company for two years, reaching the position of Vice President and acceleration coordinator of the Belo Horizontina network. Today, he is an intern at Bertha in the Marketing sector and at We Impact, one of our investees, in the sourcing and acceleration sectors.

José Souza

Bertha Capital

Journalist and photographer with experience in major media outlets, including Jornal O Globo, where he was editor, as well as radio stations, press offices and companies from various sectors, such as nuclear energy, community, tourism and technology, creating content for internal vehicles , websites and social networks.

Marcelo Bacellar

Bertha Capital


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IoT and Telemanagement platform with solutions for Smart Cities, Industries, Infrastructure and hospitals.

IoT platform based on a smart lock system for hotels, short-term rentals and access management.

Temperature and Humidity management and control IoT SaaS Platform for food and pharmaceutical cargos.

Automated, collaborative and integrated marketplace and BPO solution platform in Business Purchasing (Req to Pay), integrated with the main ERPs in the market and pioneer in the application of the smarket steps e-procurement concept.

First Venture Builder in Brazil dedicated to startups founded by women.

Software factory focused on solutions for fintechs in Brazil and abroad.

Platform of specialists in the outsourcing of information technology services.

Latin American games production, publishing and education ecosystem.

Business management and growth hacking education platform.

Machine Learning based platform for monitoring and improving the quality of the experience of telecom broadband users.

Specialist B2B Platform for RPA and Business Process Outsourcing.