Investment Segments
Acceleration Space

Bertha Capital is a founding partner of Inovahub, a space for accelerating companies based in the City of São Paulo, associated with the Battle of Startups TV Show - in addition to workstations, Inovahub offers entrepreneurs a startup acceleration methodology and a network of high level mentors. The participation in the Battle of Startups program and in the Inovahub acceleration process may bring to the participating startups the opportunity to receive an investment from funds managed by Bertha Capital.

We Impact

Bertha Capital, through its We Ventures Fund, participates in We Impact, a company led by women and dedicated to investing and accelerating startups that have women as partners and executives in a relevant proportion. We Impact has strategic processes and relationships that add a lot of value to technology-based initiatives led by entrepreneurial women - learn more at we.impact.

Investment Process
Venture Management Journey (VM):

Supporting entrepreneurs in structuring sales, growth hacking, creating value and building attributes more focused on the strategic acceleration of the business.

Arch Venture Building VB:

Bertha Capital methodology developed based on the different experiences of the team in the cycle of creating innovations within the startup market, with several activities aimed at designing products, validating hypotheses, financing and building an agile culture with meritocracy.