Bertha Capital operates in the structuring of investments in startups from
a look that prioritizes its positive impacts and its integration with the environment,
with the objective of delivering value to the whole society. With focus in
technology and the environment, especially in initiatives related to
Industry 4.0 and the Brazilian Amazon, its investments prioritize startups
whose main values ​​are innovation, diversity, the
sustainable development and social aspects.

Bertha Capital's mission is to promote the digital transformation of Brazilian production chains through Corporate Venture Capital (CVC). Believing that innovation is not optional, but mandatory for the sustainability of traditional companies across the country, Bertha Capital promotes not only corporate connections with startups with the potential to solve problems in their production chain, but also the structuring of its investment thesis in open innovation, enabling the creation of new lines of products and businesses. Among the guiding pillars of its investment funds are diversity, sustainable development and social aspects, seeking to contribute to the balance between financial returns and the positive impact of new technologies on society as a whole.

Corporate Venture Capital - We work to create value by structuring and managing investment funds, managing startups and developing the Corporate Venture area of our clients. Re-signifying and rewriting Corporate Venture Capital is one of Bertha Capital's focuses, with a vision of boosting venture capital in a more sophisticated way, globally connected in the main centers of innovation and startups. We are dedicated to lasting relationships, based on delivering exceptional results in the following pillars: Activist management, Investment funds, Corporate Venture Develop efficient and high-profit solutions for investment in innovation and R&D of partner companies, working in prospecting, evaluation and activist management of startups and innovative companies with great returns potential.

Vision, Values and Commitments

Have USD1.0 billion in assets under management by 2025.
Create a true corporate innovation ecosystem with active mergers and acquisitions between startups invested and developed by Bertha Capital and our investors.


Desire to win
Ownership Spirit


Develop efficient and high-profit solutions for investment in R&D and innovation with incentivized resources from large Corporates, acting in the structuring of Investment Funds, prospecting, evaluation and activist management of startups and innovative companies with great return potential.